Grassroots Football - Mini Soccer for 6-10 years

Getting started
Looking for a local team
Using the FA Website
Starting your own team
Rules to follow
Kit and extras needed

Football Parent
How to help your child
Garden kick around
Sideline behaviour
Talking with the Manager
Helping on matchdays

Warm Ups & Cool Downs
Importance of warming up
Warm ups without a ball
Warm ups with a ball
Graphical setup diagrams
Live warm up shots
Examples of cool downs

Mini Soccer
Never too young to start
Setting up before a game
Manager/player interaction
Respecting all participants
How to encourage your child
Make it fun!

Drills & Fun Stuff
Real life training session
Graphical setup diagrams
Ball control
Fun stuff to improve skills

Correct behaviour on the pitch
Respecting the referee
Dealing with defeat
Keeping it fun for all

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£12.50 (free p&p on our website)
60 minutes

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