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You Can Learn IT Ltd

In Brief
You Can Learn It Ltd is a social enterprise company based in Perthshire offering learning opportunities in the community.

You Can Learn It Ltd is a social enterprise company set up in August 2007 by Sheila Mackay to offer learning opportunities for people with disabilities to use computers. Sheila worked with people with disabilities in the local community and noticed that many had restricted access to the internet through lack of knowledge of assistive technology.A small grant and support from Scotland Unltd helped the company to get started and then local organisations began to get involved by booking workshops and training.

You Can Learn It Ltd works with the charity UCanDoI.T. to offer courses for people with disabilities.

You Can Learn It Ltd is a partner with Perth and Kinross Literacies Partnership and provides literacy and ICT training for students who want to know how to use:

  • internet

  • email

  • desk-top publishing

  • assistive technology

Throughout the year we will run short projects to encourage students to use computers, cameras and sound recording equipment.

A regular E-Bulletin for tutors is also circulated to share information about digital resources to assist learning. Training workshops are offered to share information and ideas using free and low cost software.

Final Word
We encourage people to learn computer skills in an informal setting helping them to gain skills for using the internet, email and photo projects.

You Can Learn It


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